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           A Bar Musical

What happens when you combine all your favorite functions into one bar on the same night?  


BROKEN MOMENTS: A BAR MUSICAL 20 original songs and story comes from the mind and soul of Leo I Rodriguez.  Originating out of a tribute for a beloved mentor of my college classmates and I, this piece came together over many stages.  The first "production" of this 'idea' was in 2007 and the original cast are my friends still to this day: Chelsea, Nicki, Christa, Carlo, Adam, Doug and 'Los (Carlos).  These names are now immortalized in the script as "the Regulars".

You Gotta Believe Original 2007 Cast


BROKEN MOMENTS is your normal, local, neighborhood bar.  You know this bar, you've been there before.  As with every bar, you have your cast of  "regulars".  On this night the "regulars" are there, with us, to celebrate the life of the recently passed Broken Moments owner.  We are joined by three brothers, the youngest of which is "celebrating" his Twenty-First birthday.  Just when you think these two celebrations are to collide, the drunken Bride and her "Maid of Horror" barge their way in for a post-Bachelorette party libation.  Affairs, Accusations and Arguments, Lust and Unrequited Love, Babies and Bourbon bring tense moments broken with the emotional songs exploding to break the tension. Below, Asia Kraft sings Nikki's song FORTY DAYS during a 2012 song-cycle of Broken Moments 

40 Days by Leo I Rodriguez feat. Asia Kraft

"Broken Moments truly immerses its viewers in a complex night of love, pain, and celebration, setting them up perfectly for their own night to come."
                                                                                              - Katherine Nedder, Theater is Easy


"...with hilarious yet heartfelt songs, such as
“You Gotta Believe” and
“All About Love." 
- Theater is Easy

2014 Equity Waiver Production

BROKEN MOMENTS: A BAR MUSICAL was produced and directed by Leo I Rodriguez with arrangements by Ben Harrell in 2014 with a wonderfully talented cast and band of musicians.  The show played as it was intended, to be interactive between the cast and attendees.  The guests were immersed into the world and surrounded by full voices (no microphones were needed or used). We opened February 14, 2014, ran for scheduled 3 weekends and were extended or two more weekends.  Below are a few live recordings for your listening pleasure.

Broken-13.1 wix.jpg

The Music

Do My Best 2014 Live Recording
Hold Back featuring Benjamin Horen Live 2014
Whiskey and Me - CAST - LIVE 2014
Addicted - Cast - LIVE 2014
INSANE Live Cast 2014

2015 NYC Fringe Festival

BROKEN MOMENTS: A BAR MUSICAL was accepted into the New York City International Fringe Festival.

Under the direction of Steve Velardi and with a few cast changes, we performed again!

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