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Podcast Producer
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From podcast to live production, on stage to behind the scenes, my eclectic and diverse experience is here to help you. 
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Leo I Rodriguez


Live Broadcast Podcast

Let's Do Your Podcast Broadcast

All the shows I’m involved with always have my special touch added. I never put on the same performance twice, as each is personalized for the specific audience and occasion. I strive to create and produce unforgettable podcasts accessible to all audiences, via Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Your Personal Website.  Open and Closing Titles? Guests from around the world? It's all possible. Contact me to start the process. Below are examples of the shows I have contributed to and/or produce.

What's the Story with Maria

Weekly Podcast

Maria Gentile hosts this conversational & inspirational podcast LIVE Via META and YOUTUBE every Tuesday at 9PM eastern.  Replays carried by iHeartRadio, Spreaker and Spotify. Maria goes into her FIFTH season interviewing guests from all over the world and shares her culinary arts in her segment called "Ga'Head Keep Eatin'!"

More Great Podcasts to Follow

We Contribute to these Exquisite Podcast Productions



Join Carolyn Montgomery as she interviews talented artists from all over the world!  The American Songbook Association is committed to preserving and probing the living legacy in the history and development of the many genres that comprise it, from cabaret, popular song, musical theatre, jazz, film, light opera and more.  




"An impeccably produced and hosted show with equal amounts of showmanship, talent and illuminating reminiscences. You are a master host, blending the ease and charm of a game show host, the energy and presence of a cabaret emcee, and the gravitas of a reporter. I swear you are Joel Grey crossed with Charlie Rose, with a soupcon of Bette Midler thrown in for good measure. What a perfectly curated cast, a celebrity rich audience and a program with multiple showstoppers. Unprecedented! A top-class night."

  Beck Lee, (Founder & Creative Director, Media Blitz)

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